Friday, July 15, 2011

Fantasyland Expansion Renderings

The Disney Parks Blog just released some new artist renderings of three sections of the Fantasyland expansion currently underway.  You can find the whole post here. 

I am most excited about the first of these images. Although the second that appears to be the return/update of Storytime with Belle is exciting for the pure personal reason that I've never managed to see that show.

The first image of the new Be Our Guest restaurant intrigues me because of the little Lumiere on the cart in the corner.
 I haven't heard anyone say this is a possibility but I immediately thought of the Remy animatronic that interacts with guests at Chefs De France in Epcot.  Remy is brought around to tables and interacts as you can see below.  
I unfortunately haven't had the opportunity to see the Remy animatronic first hand but from what I've heard he's been a fun addition so it wouldn't surprise me if something similar were maybe in the works. Mind you this is all my own speculation. I am though extremely curious how this restaurant which from the renderings seems geared toward an elegant experience will work if it is still as previously announced going to be counter service during the day and table service in the evening.  Not of course that I wouldn't like to eat my counter service meal in a nice location mind you, but it does seem a tad odd to think of munching a burger and fries in an opulent ball room setting.

But Disney if you are listening and it really is as ball room like as it appears in the picture, how about a special dinner and dance event sometime?

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