Saturday, August 20, 2011

Some bits from the D23 Expo

Where am I not this weekend? At the D23 Expo. It sounds like not a whole lot was announced though, but a couple of video things have been popping up, two of which make me happy.

First, a preview of the new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Coaster.

It's...exactly what I expected from their first announcement. It does look like it may have some great views of Fantasyland. The preview actually reminds me a bit of Splash Mountain with the combo of outdoor views and indoor scenes. I do hope that some of those indoor scenes include either some of the scenes from the current Snow White's Adventures, or at least some sort of shout out.  I'm excited for this ride though and the whole Fantasyland expansion as it really was time for a facelift.

The second video (pointed out to me by Mr. Erin Snyder - go read his stuff) just makes me happy. It's part of a tribute to Jim Henson who was named a Disney Legend this week.  To that  I say, why wasn't he already? But, this video makes me smile and although bittersweet, I am pleased to see that Rowlf has found his voice again.

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  1. I'm really curious who's performing Rowlf. Whoever it is, they're doing a fantastic job. The voice is great.