Friday, August 19, 2011

Top Favorite Live Shows

This morning Disney World’s Facebook page asked their fanbase what their favorite live show in the parks was. Every repeat visitor has their own top favorites for when they make a trip to Disney World. Here’s my top five:

Finding Nemo the Musical
Festival of the Lion King
Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage
Off Kilter (so it’s not really a show...but I’d rather watch them than most anything else)
Fantasmic (There’s “acting”, kind of)

With an honorable mention to MuppetVision 3D. Yes, it’s a movie with animatronics, but there is that cast member who comes out as Sweetums every fifteen minutes all day long.  

Finding Nemo and The Lion King were mentioned in almost all the comments I saw (400+ in less than five minutes!) with some folks going for things like the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular and Voyage of the Little Mermaid and some people going back in time with shout outs to Tarzan Rocks (sadly I missed that) and Hunchback of Notre Dame (I’d love to see this one again and see if my memories hold up) and  a few folks mentioning things in Disneyland (read the prompt people!).

Notice what isn’t on this list: Anything in the Magic Kingdom.  Some of  the  special holiday shows were somewhat fun (That does not include you A Totally Tomorrowland Christmas. You were just awful), but I think that’s based mostly on the fact I’ve only seen them once.  Every time I see Dream Along with Mickey I wish that it didn’t seem so tired and well, theme parky. From the synthetic color coordinated costumes to the jazz hands it just screams “I’m a theme park show!” and Disney has proven more capable than that.  It’s unsurprising that the performances guest respond most positively too are those that are the most “live” in nature. 

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